About Us

Today, Futai is one of the world’s largest umbrella manufacturer. A leader and pioneer in the industry, we are fully vertically-integrated, making our own components in 22 factories worldwide.

From humble beginnings in 1953 with 10 people, we’ve grown to over 3,600 employees. We have generated respect from our customers worldwide for quality and innovation. Currently, we carry over 50 patents.


State-of-the-art research and development, our own metallurgical experts, injection molding capability and computerized cad-cam design equipment have made Futai a valuable supplier to leading American, Japanese and European importers. Few umbrellas in the world do not contain Futai parts.


Futai has consistently been awarded the only A-rating in quality control by many international inspection organizations. Futai is dedicated to providing customers with the best quality umbrellas in the world.


Designed specifically for better department and specialty stores, the Leighton line consists of value-packed styles with competitive pricing and gross margins. You can’t buy a better umbrella for the money!


We stand behind our quality and workmanship with a lifetime guarantee on all working parts.


From our divisional office and warehouse in Edison, NJ we at Futai offer quality service to better stores across the United States. Our sales force is ready to help you run your program every step of the way.